Archie "Ajay" Jackson - Pressing On (2010)



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please..RAY RIENDEAU "Atmospheres" 2010..thanks in advance!!!!

Land said...

Archie “Ajay” Jackson‘s interest in music was sparked by watching his family at their monthly jam sessions. Seeing that they did not have a bass player, he decided to learn how to play this instrument. At the age of 15, he taught himself how to play the bass. He performed his first professional gig two years later at a local pub with the Blues group, “Miki “L’ and Star Time.” They opened up for several Blues greats, including Bobby Rush and Lefty Diz.

His first recording experience was with Blues artist Milwaukee Slim on Blue Moon Records. He played several tracks on the album titled Lemmon Avenue as Junior Mc Caleb (Jamming Jay). Later, he started venturing off into different styles of music – Funk, Jazz, Neo-Soul and Rock. He joined several local groups in the Twin Cites (Banther, Curb Feelers, Shag, Fresh Water and Red Veda) and performed locally as well as New York, Chicago, Boston and Austin, Texas. He also recorded an alternative rock CD with John Sudusky which was played on college campuses and Alternative rock stations.

He has recently finished his first solo CD entitled Pressing On. Pressing On brings out some uplifting jazz grooves bound together by this upcoming Jazz Artist. The CD is very infectious from the first track, by the time you get to the song “Minister” you might find yourself hoping this is track 3 and you have 7 more to go. Ajay’s love for the Bass is on full display.