Wojtek Pilichowski Band - Jazzga live (2004)



BaixoAki Downlo@ds said...

A concert of Wojtek and his band recorded in the January of 2004 in Łódz's Jazz-ga club.
"Jazzga Live" was released under an independent label (Fonografika) and produced by me. It was recorded live during a concert in the Jazzga Club in Łódz — hence the title. Usually, when I left the studio and then listened to the final tracks on the albums, I would always think at some point 'hey, that could be improved'! So, "Jazzga Live" contains 'upgraded' versions of my earlier songs. The album is fully instrumental.

Pilichowski Band — Jazzga LIVE — 2004
Jazz Rock, Fusion\ mp3 CBR\320 kbps\56:36\130.2 mb (rar)
p.w.- Lectro.ru

01.Bass Talk
02.M?yn dobry
04.Bass Dance
07.Message in a Bottle
08.Twoje 4 strony
09.Kowboy z Pragi
10.Slap Machine

BaixoAki Downlo@ds said...

p.w.- Lectro.ru

Land said...

A maior trabalheira, mas vamos a discografia do "CARA", a seguir:

Genre: Funk/Jazz-Fusion Bass
Year: 1992-2008
Country: Poland
Audio codec: MP3
Riptype: tracks
Bitrate: 256-320 kbps
Playtime: 7:32:07
Size: 871 MB

Land said...

Part 1 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2512653/SM_2819686.part01.rar
Part 2 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2513183/SM_2819686.part02.rar
Part 3 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2513243/SM_2819686.part03.rar
Part 4 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2513899/SM_2819686.part04.rar
Part 5 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2514131/SM_2819686.part05.rar
Part 6 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2514271/SM_2819686.part06.rar
Part 7 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2514689/SM_2819686.part07.rar
Part 8 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2514787/SM_2819686.part08.rar

Land said...

E por fim:

Part 9 – http://sharingmatrix.com/file/2514791/SM_2819686.part09.rar


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ETUNE said...

gracias,,,esta muy bueno....donde pueo encontrar informacion de pilichowski,en ingles ??????'

Land said...

Discografia de Pilichowski, vou postando aos poucos.

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Land said...

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Land said...

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Land said...

Este é bom demais, o cara manda muito na baixaria, não sei o ano:

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