Brian Bromberg - Metal (2005)



Anonymous said...

"Metal", the powerful new recording by critically acclaimed bassist/producer Brian Bromberg, showcases the bassist in a rare fusion-rock setting, simulating a full band on an arsenal of custom basses. Demonstrating Bromberg’s instrumental fusion-rock songwriting and aggressive playing, "Metal" is a departure from Bromberg’s jazzier outings, featuring him primarily on the guitar-like piccolo bass. Bromberg tears through melodies and solos with the force of today’s most skilled guitar heroes, playing the piccolo bass much like a lead guitar. But don’t be fooled – there are no guitars on this album. The rhythm guitar sounds and bass parts are also played by Brian on an array of different basses. What makes this recording exceptional is that nine of the eleven songs feature only Bromberg and hard-hitting drummer Joel Taylor. Rounding out this ground breaking project is keyboardist Dan Siegel, guesting on two tracks.

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Muito bom este CD, com o cara exibindo uma técnica invejável, ouça a faixa Trade Show num duelo espetacular com o guitarrista, excelente post, muito grato.

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Não é guitarra o Bromberg toca num baixo conhecido como piccolo bass. Vários músicos usam este baixo como Patitucci, Manring e até o Joe De Mayo do Manowar. Podendo ter 5, 6, 8 cordas.

"On an even sharper turn away from his smooth jazz past, Bromberg released 2005’s “Metal”, which featured Bromberg on bass, Bromberg on a heavily altered piccolo bass made to sound exactly like a guitar, and drummer Joe Taylor."