Metallica - Cliff's Last Show (1986)

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BaixoAki Downlo@ds said...

I could only post this file, without text, because only when a text is worth a million lines. But remember it is always good. The Metallica was the band that led the Thrash Metal to the highest level, both musically and commercially. And, of course, Cliff Burton is one of the biggest bass of the whole scene Thrash Metal. Lines cohesive, dirty, rapid and heavy, Burton was not only perpetuates a fan of Thrash, but for all styles of metal. In tribute to this great bassist, I bring you this wonderful record.

The recording of this show was in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, on 26 September 1986 (one day before his death) during a tour of European disc release of "Master Of Puppets", which, by the way, is considered to now the band's magnum opus and one of the disc's most important heavy music in general.

The repertoire is one of the best I have seen so far being done by Metallica, joining the pauleiras the first three (and best) disc, something to give pride to any batter-of-mind. The musicians are in their best (especially James Hetfield) and synchrony, a chemical absurd be easily noticed.

Recording of hearing, but is a quality legal and I'm sure the record and worth a lot! Rest in peace, mr. Burton!

BaixoAki Downlo@ds said...

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