Matthew Garrison - Shapeshifter



BaixoAki Downlo@ds said...

Pass: Fusion_Brasil

Anonymous said...

128 K is not a good choice :-(

Anonymous said...

Well if u dont like the 128K buy the CD

Anonymous said...

very mean of you to help destroy career


First off I want to thank each and every one of you for contributing to the growth of my production company and record label over the years. You have been my greatest support and life line.

Every purchase has helped me inch one step forward towards independence of
creativity, business, and development. My gratitude for your help is shown in the music
I make for all of you. Thank you…

As I continue to create and prepare to release new music I want to make sure
it’s not falling into a bottomless pit so I’m calling on all of you to participate in the
development of my label..

I own an independent record label but I like to call it people dependent. I fully depend
on your input, feedback, and buying power.

I know the issue of copying and piracy is quite delicate but I’ll explain in a nutshell how it affects my production possibilities. I’ll give you an example of how I work:

1. I invest my personal capital into producing, marketing, shipping.

2. I sell, license and distribute the CD’s, DVD’s, books, to individuals like you, CD retailers, and other distributors.

3. I receive the money back from all sales and re-invest that capital into my production company and new productions and the whole process starts again.

Copying and sharing with a friend is a beautiful gesture because it is an extension of what I’m attempting to do, which is to share my work with every one. However I share and do business
with the same material at a cost and I absolutely must have a return on my investment or I’ll stop making records this way.

When I do not earn what I expected, which can be quite easily calculated, my potential for creating music on my terms and your desires diminishes greatly.

My sole desire and purpose in life is to create music without fear or boundaries. I need your help
to make this a reality and the internet has made it possible for all of us, but please use it responsibly in regards to small record labels.

We’re in a brave new world of radical decisions and individual empowerment and I need your power NOW! In return I’ll give you everything I’ve got and I will not stop until my time is up.
To sum it all up, when you hear any music of mine just remember, there is no one in between you and me. This is a direct exchange of information and art.

I want my 2 next projects to be a success and I want to use that momentum to create 3 other projects that will dive increasingly deeper into the music of my mind. If successful you will see the results (in recordings and live performances alike) of our collective work within 18 months starting from the imminent release date of “SHAPESHIFTER” and “MATT GARRISON LIVE”.


Anonymous said...

Muito bom, já tá no iPod, valeu pelo up!