Yves Carbonne - Seven Waves (2007)

Track List:
1. Cloudy Day
2. Sweet Passion
3. Holy Spirit 2nd Verse
4. Childhood
5. Childhood Interlude
6. Seven Waves
7. Origin
8. Origin Interlude
9. You Got All My Love
10. Dawning
11. A Day in His Life
Yves Carbonne - all basses
Guillaume Eyango - vocals
Michael Manring - fretless bass guitar
Laurent Maur - harmonica
Roger Biwandu - drums
Anthony Breyer - drums


BaixoAki Downlo@ds said...

Pass: Fusion_Brasil

Anonymous said...

whats the pa

Anonymous said...

thats not the pass... check out please.

Anonymous said...

can u reup? :) excelent if it could be on be on megaupload

Mike L. said...

please re-up Yves Carbonne -- I have been looking for this for a long time


Anonymous said...

ya te mandó un mail Carbonne??