Ben Shepherd - Double Play /2008)

Tracks -
1 - Parallax
2 - Take That!
3 - Double Play
4 - Star Hunters
5 - Sus'd Out
6 - McCoy McCoy
7 - Yatra
8 - Lil' Benny's Blues


BTNS said...

Olá, não consegui baixar pelo link indicado. Tem alguma manhã para esse serviço de hopedagem?
Parabéns pelo blog!

Anonymous said...

Copia e cole esse link inteiro..Abraço!!

Ben Shepherd said...

Hello sir,
But you are screwing me over by having my album on your blogsite.

I own the copyrights to my album and I would appreciate it greatly that you take it off of your blogsite.

I am an 18year old Bassist from New Zealand. This is my debut album and I am very proud of it dearly and am also proud of the hard work and effort that everyone else associated with the album put in. The musicians who played on the album did it all for free and also in their own time but they still put their heart and soul into this for me but thanks to you, you're throwing all of that down the drain and also stabbing me in the heart. I am appalled.

I see that you are a fan of Bass Players and other musicians. You are not being very loyal at all, instead you are ripping us off big time.
For every album that is downloaded ILLEGALLY we lose money. If you had an album and people ripped you off by downloading it you would feel very angry and annoyed. It's pretty much how I feel at the moment. STEALING FROM ME a young student who's music career is starting to take off and all you do is to make it difficult and put a negative vibe on the situation. So please take it off immediately.

I am extremely disappointed about this and appalled at the actions you have taken.

Ben Shepherd

Contact me at

Anonymous said...

I was going to download this album, but after reading this guy note I decided not to. What this guy doesn't know is that the big money doesn't come from CD sales, it comes from concerts. The only ones who lose are the record companies. You have to sell a multi-platinum album (and of course he won't) to make good money. He also says that the musicians played for free, so who's ripping who?
To conclude, I download tons of CD's every week and when I find one that I like I go and buy it, honestly.
I guess our unknown friend will remain unknown or he might be so good he will end playing with someone famous... who knows