Doug Johns - Doug Johns

Joe Miller (trumpet)
Chris Ceja (drums)
Victor Wooten (bass)
Kenny Anderson (sax)
Mark Leach (organ)
Raphael Guzman, Jr. (percussion)
Aaron Lindsey (keys)
Utaah (sax)
Daris Adkins (guitar)
Bill Ransom (percussion)
Greg Moore (guitar)
Rob Williams (sax)
Chris Burge (sax)

1. Pimpasaurus Rex
2. Frog On My Face
3. HHP
4. Indian Summer
5. Are You Free?
6. Slang
7. Stairway to Heaven
8. Gig Shirt
9. The Claw
10. Hippobottomus
11. Yeti Boy
12. Bass In Your Face
13. Sunrise, Sunset
14. Chez Funk
15. Foot Jive
16. Even Up
17. Big Two-Headed Monster parte 1 parte2

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